Morocco. Challenge accomplished.

Last summer I spent 4 months in Morocco, teaching yoga at the Atlantic shore and chasing some rare summer swells. You know.., one can get used to anything, anywhere, absolutely everything, see positive everywhere. Even in a little village with bunch of garbage and smell one can find pleasant smiles and new acquaintances, beautiful dusks and dawns.

I reckon my positive side is that I know to see it; another positive side - I can skip it too. I'm happy I spent another summer of my life over there, experienced living in the new country and totally new culture, I got all I needed and all I didn't, and after all, all I didn't expect to get. I absolutely know for sure why I was there. Now I know. That's it with Morocco - I love the green tropical nature and clean ocean too much to have stayed any longer.


The Colours of Guatemala.


//from the my travel journal, March 2013:

"Today I came across a headline in daily news saying that eating in public places is now forbidden in Rome: "Regula es uso del espacio publico: comer en publico es illegal". Huh, where does this nonsense come from? Italy would get a heart attack and lose the meaning of life if such a law was ever set.

So far, Guatemala: wow! +
Antigua: wow! -        
On my second day's morning  I rushed to the Terminal and jumped into the first chicken-bus calling. It set off to San Antonio Agua Caliente.
"Is it beautiful over there?"
"There is a market,.. mmm... a church and that's it."
"Sounds perfect for me."


Antiguan sur- reality.

Antigua Guatemala (means the Old Guatemala) used to be a former capital but was destroyed twice by the volcan Agua's erruptions. A new capital was founded as Nueva Guatemala de la Asuncion. Antigua counts 34000 inhabitants and is declared a National Monument since 1944.

Dorm loft at the Jungle Party Hostel

Local food: frijoles, platanas maduras, queso y huevos - nomnomnom and greasy 


Surfing El Tunco.

I'll be back to English blogging for some reasons. Even if (or for) my English is not perfect thought still understandable isn't it?
Randomly I pick up a stop from my memories, now in particular when I've been lay-overing in Rome, re-sorting and packing a new luggage for the next trip...

Surfing El Salvador. The shuttle bus from Leon, Nicaragua dropped me off at El Tunco - two crossed streets and a beach line - and there is nothing else, though nothing more is needed.

I was exhausted with a night-ride and border's crossing of Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador,  everything seemed to have stacked against me. El Salvador did not want to make a positive impression from the first sight: my board got dinged again on the bus, the food was terrible, unhealthy and the greasiest, most of hostels - full booked, I could not find working Internet anywhere in the village in first day.

Next morning the situation began to improve. I had the board fixed - to find a proper surf repairs in Central America is not as easy as in Indonesia, for example. Across the street from Papaya Surf Shop there is a car parking - ask for Samuel and be sure to have your board back in brand-new condition. I paid 10 $ (epoxy) for 2 deep cracks and polishing.

Then I found Yoga Classes, which are held at La Guitarra and Tunco Velez - not the easiest class of Ashtanga yoga. I popped in after 2 hours of morning surf expecting to stretch my muscles a bit with some Vinyasana flow but got exhausted by the end of the class.

There are few breaks of different levels in the area, ranging from world-class Punta Roca to El Sunzal or El Zonte - relatively beginner (at smaller swell) / intermediate levels.
K59, La Bocana and Bocanita are a little more aggressive and faster. At my time there the waves did not drop below 3.5-5ft, so I mostly surfed El Sunzel - a soft and slower wave, difficult at take-off, but very nice and mellow to ride.
Minus: crowds! Great disadvantage: in late mornings it gets tooo crowded.


El Salvador.

Так получается, что в пути, чем больше людей встречаешь, тем больше мест хочется посетить, слушая чужие рассказы. Таким образом я добралась до Сальвадора, куда изначально вообще не собиралась. Хотя что уж говорить, я по-моему ни одному пункту из моего "плана" не последовала кроме подработки в Никарагуа.


Volcan Telica. Full moon hike.

I'm going to be writing in Russian. Feel free to use the translator (right-side menu) to read my blog in English. Thought I apologize for Google's terrible knowledge of Russian language.

Полная луна сводит меня с ума каждый месяц - я сама на своя. Но в этот раз я ее победила и оседлала, могу сказать с уверенностью...
Своим "оружием" я выбрала вулкан Тэлика 1061м - один из самых активных вулканов в Никарагуа, расположенный в западной сетке, недалеко от города Леон. Последнее извержение было в 2011 году. Тэлика означает "черная дыра" с древне-индийского наречия - вулкан получил свое название благодаря красивому кратеру шириной 700м и 150м глубиной.


in SURF style

I designed few new patterns for SOCIETY6 which you can get printed for your iPhone cases or skins or sofa cushions for your surf-style living room, as wall decors and greeting cards too.
Feel free to visit my little online shop and welcome to promote it.

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